Well, I just added a "hostile" take over of Bandai Namco, but a few other things include: Learning 5-6 other languages, mastering at least 15 martial arts, holding and winning a world’s martial arts tournament, be able to run on water and punch six sharks to death, scale the world’s largest building, pilot an airship and/or a mech, slay a Leviathan, build and operate a dojo, walk across the US main continent from one ocean to the other, wrestle a bear, invent a new delicious meal, find the secret to eternal youth and tell nobody, discover true orichalcum and forge something out of it, drink Yoohoo from the factory before it’s bottled, completely disregard physic for at least ten minutes, master teleportation, actually record one of the random song I write, design a video game with friends, and figure out flight to see the sunrise from the best perspective. Just a few things on my list, there’s a lot more, but I’d be here for days.

Come on, ya gotta ask me something.